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Google Cloud Quotas widget should show all quotas and break down by project.

Hi, This is regarding the Google Cloud Quotas widget. Two suggestions: Please provide break down / filtering by project. Show all quotas, not just the ones over the 80% threshold. That would make it easier to understand which quotas you actually m...
17 days ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

"Services Breakdown" graph

Hi DoIt, At your old DoIT UI , in the "Services Breakdown" graph , the "Networking" section contained ALL networking costs ( vadim implemented it .. ). Could you please move "network internet egress XYZ" and "network load balancing" from "compute ...
5 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Dimensions 0

Improve DoIT reports with key features present in the GCP report

We would like to be able to use the DoIT reports as base for our own invoicing towards customers for which we manage the cloud infrastructure. However, currently they are not on par with the reports from GCP which blocks us from using the DoIT rep...
7 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

appexchange safety

ComplianceQuest announces Workplace Safety for, an App on Salesforce AppExchange, Extending the Power of REFER - appexchange safety
2 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Trends 0

top quality management systems

Quality Management System or QMS software evaluates the set of policies, processes, and procedures of a company for complex product development in various highly regulated industries. REFER - top quality management systems
2 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Trends 1

cfr part 11

An FDA compliance guideline, 21 CFR part 11 specifies the standards for evaluating the trustworthiness of electronic documents and electronic signatures.
2 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Trends 0

CMP Analytics - Standalone

Enable customers to import billing data for an AWS account into CMP without the need to consolidate to DoiT billing/moving account to organization. *Some customers would like to leverage the functionalities / ML capabilities of CMP Analytics but d...
3 months ago in Cloud Analytics 0

Email a Dashboard as a report

I would like to share a Dashboard with multiple graphs, rather than just one graph from a Report.
4 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Scheduling 0

Calculated Metrics

Create synthetic, calculated metrics by performing basic computations on cost allocations. (Cost Allocation A)/(Cost Allocation B)+(Cost Allocation C)
almost 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

Make reports more readable and less cluttered

Please see or go/ticket/95516 for detailed description and images related to the customer notes below: The graphs are really hard to understand and introduce pricing models that don't really make se...
4 months ago in Cloud Analytics 0