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More complex boolean logic for Attribution

Our teams are using resources from multiple locations for their products. Allocating to them requires me to use more complex combinations of AND and OR, for example: Attribute to team X if: Tag captify:service is team-x and Name = Mesos OR tag cap...
11 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Attributions 0

User feedback on cloning an Attribution

Currently, cloning an attribution provides no user feedback. A new attribution is created with the same parameters and the same name. Hitting the left button to go back to all attributions shows the name as "Untitled Attribution". It would be help...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Attributions 0

Cost allocation hierarchies to be assignable/creatable

Managing cost allocations hierarchies. Feature Request: Can DoIT allow cost allocation hierarchies to be assignable/creatable e.g. Person A is responsible for all of “MoPlat” costs, but recursively there are two groupings of projects that make up...
over 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Attributions 0