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Calculated Metrics

Create synthetic, calculated metrics by performing basic computations on cost allocations. (Cost Allocation A)/(Cost Allocation B)+(Cost Allocation C)
over 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

Expose Google Cloud service specific resource consumption

Currently you can only monitor cost, however changes in cost can reflect changes in pricing, not the changes of consumption. Google Cloud pricing is related to resource usage: GB/TB stored, TB processed, Network GB used, Compute Instance time used...
11 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

Monitor stopped ec2 instances

At the moment CMP does not monitor the stopped vm's for cost analysis
about 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

Add Custom Date Range to BigQuery FinOps Dashboard

We need the ability to separate our big query usage by project over a specific date range, rather than only the past 30 days.
about 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

Provide cost breakdown by endpoint

We break our customers across many endpoints. We also have some endpoints that are for testing only. Would love to monitor how much we've spent on each Service or Version on a given day.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0