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Created on Oct 30, 2023

Use BQ Lens feature without Advanced company level permissions for DoIT

I am writing to propose an enhancement to the BQ Lens feature within the DoiT Console. This suggestion stems from our recent experiences and challenges while trying to integrate BQ Lens into our systems at Froomle.

Current Challenge:
The BQ Lens feature currently requires granting organization-level permissions to DoiT for data sinking from all projects within an organization. This requirement is not compatible with our company’s security policies, which strictly adhere to the Principle of Least Privileges and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) protocols.

Proposed Enhancement:
We propose an alternative approach where clients can manage the data sinking process internally, providing DoiT with access only to specific datasets necessary for the BQ Lens feature. This would allow clients to maintain control over their data and comply with their internal security standards.

Benefits of the Proposed Enhancement:

Enhanced Security Compliance: Clients can maintain strict control over data access, aligning with various security frameworks and internal policies.
Flexibility: Provides a more adaptable solution for clients with different security needs and organizational structures.
Increased Adoption: This enhancement could encourage wider usage of the BQ Lens feature among clients who are currently hesitant due to security concerns.
Client Trust: Demonstrates DoiT's commitment to accommodating clients’ security needs, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.
We believe this enhancement will not only address our current needs but will also be beneficial for other DoiT clients facing similar challenges.

Thank you for considering this enhancement request. We look forward to a positive response and are willing to provide further details or participate in discussions to expedite this process.

Best Regards,

Matthias Verstappen

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