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Provide ability to capture Case Codes/WBS for each Invoicing Bucket

Invoicing buckets allows to group projects that needs to be invoiced in a single invoice however, it does not have ability to capture any additional information related to the invoice e.g. Case Code, Contact person - if it is different for each bu...
10 months ago in Core Platform / Payments / Usability 2 Planned

Add a way to subscribe to a ticket

So I just wanted to add myself to CC on a ticket created by one of my colleagues. So I use the "Additional CCs" functionality and hit "submit". (first screenshot) This unfortunately creates a new "post" as my user (second screenshot) and the syste...
about 1 month ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

Put colour contrast back into graphs

The new colour scheme is not friendly for people with any form of color blindness and needs the contrast added back!
almost 2 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

When I press 'back' remember how many rows I am showing in a grid

When I click on a user, then go back, it loses my place in the table and how many rows I have. Very frustrating.
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0 Investigating

Known Issues details page should show more information

When I log in to visit the support area, there is a list of known issues. Clicking on an incident tells me the start date and the most recent update, but doesn't actually say what the incident is. So it's nice to know that Google's engineering tea...
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

Sandbox project name

Sandbox accounts is a great feature and I understand why GCP project IDs are auto-generated. However it would be useful to be able to manage any human readable field to keep track of the purpose of a certain Sandbox. For example GCP supports a "pr...
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

CMP Reports - location based breadcrumbs

Feature Request: For easier navigation, consider adding breadcrumbs in the header of each report, for example: Reports > Folder name (optional) > My report name Using this format will make the navigation easier, and remove the need in the '...
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

Custom filters for Cloud Analytics reports

It would be helpful if in the future the user will be able to save his custom filters. It might be a better alternative to static “folders” - or even better, allow the user to create dynamic folders based on the filter you set for each folder For ...
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

Export Table type analytics reports to PDF

Zonar asked to be able to export table heatmap type report as PDF.
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

Add text to glyphs on the left of CMP

The menu on the left is glyph only so the only way to know what the glyphs are is to hover. Feature Request: We should have the names next to it like in the reOptimize hamburger menu.
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0