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Status Planned
Pillar Core Platform
Categories Payments Usability
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 8, 2023

Provide ability to capture Case Codes/WBS for each Invoicing Bucket

Invoicing buckets allows to group projects that needs to be invoiced in a single invoice however, it does not have ability to capture any additional information related to the invoice e.g. Case Code, Contact person - if it is different for each bucket etc.

Most Invoice Processing team would have requirements to identify which department, WBS or Case Code the invoice should be charged to for accouting purposes. Having a few additional fields that are either reflected in the invoice itself and/or the email that goes to the central email will allow to process and account for invoices effectively.

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  • Admin
    Mike Condy
    Sep 14, 2023

    This will be worked on following invoice separation using attribution groups

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PO number on invoice

Accounts Payable use PO numbers to route invoices quickly
7 months ago in Core Platform / Payments 2 Planned