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CMP Reports - Consolidate all the general button into "actions" menu

Feature Request: It will be nice to have all the important actions in one place (under 'actions?)' for a cleaner look and feel.
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

CMP Audit Log

A customer has mentioned to me that with all the new features entering into CMP, he doesn't have full visibility into what users are doing in the CMP. Feature Request: He requests an audit log that will show at least the cost affecting actions, ...
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform 0

User management import/export & sync

A customer brought to my attention that many currently configured users in CMP are no longer with the company and he wants better control of the registered CMP users. Feature Request: He asks for SAML integration so they control from their cloud ...
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Authentication 0

Customizable default filter, and custom filters for reports

In cloud reports, the default filter is set to "preset" OR "owner". Customers cannot see the reports that I've created for them by default. It requires changing the filter every time. Another problem is that customers cannot prepare their own filt...
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

Commitment Widget Needs to Include Time

The Google Cloud Commitment widget on the dashboard doesn't include a time dimension, which leaves the user without enough information to know if they're on track or not. Feature Request: Include a time dimension in some form. The simplest solut...
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform 0

BACS payment method for UK customers

CHAPS costs a fortune for businesses in the UK whereas BACS does not. Feature Request: Not really a CMP request but rather a payment option to be reflected on agreement and CMP Customer Name: Artlogic
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Payments 0

Commitment Widget Accuracy

The Commitment widget currently uses invoice amounts to determine commitment progress. The problem is that commitment progress is calculated based on contract dates, which don't start at the beginning of a month. This causes inaccuracies in the wi...
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform 0