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Weekly Digest

Weekly digest feature sent to group email Feature Request: I was wondering how can we send weekly reports to a set of email addresses/billing admins that contains a table/list of the amount we spent per project that week. I have tried to use reO...
about 3 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports / Scheduling 0 Shipped

Scheduled Email Delivery of Cloud Reports

We want to get a copy of your Cloud Analytics report to myself and other stakeholders at the company on a regular basis by setting up an email delivery schedule.
about 3 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Scheduling 3 Shipped

Track cloud cost for multi-cloud workloads

Follow cost over multi cloud by project - daily report. Feature Request: The customer want to have a daily report for cost by project for usage on all clouds.
about 3 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Scheduling 0 Shipped