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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 22, 2021

trigger an ATmention to a human for Cost Anomalies

We would like to discuss and put forth a feature request where we can tie cost anomalies back to a human responsible for the project the anomaly is taking place, and that trigger an ATmention to said human. I know you all are working on allowing these to go to different channels, but being able to ping an individual that is accountable and/or owns the project removes the go-between person and when the alert triggers it ATmentions the person. You could set this up in several ways, but one option could be to leverage existing attribution features in the tooling. It would be your 'linkage' for figuring out which human to send a message to for a given project. Alternatively, you could create branch new functionality within the Cost Anomaly feature itself to allow something similar to attributions.

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