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Support quota notification in "Slack Notifications"

Slack notification supports only cost anomalies and cloud known issues. Please add quota notifications and maybe the other notification type CMP supports.
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Collaboration 0 Investigating

[Invoices] : add a "share" button

I would like to have the ability to share invoices with other email addresses, without having to add a user. Current way to share invoices: - Create a user- Go in the notifications sections of this user- enable "new invoices" Desired way to share ...
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / Collaboration 0

trigger an ATmention to a human for Cost Anomalies

We would like to discuss and put forth a feature request where we can tie cost anomalies back to a human responsible for the project the anomaly is taking place, and that trigger an ATmention to said human. I know you all are working on allowing t...
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Collaboration 0