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Created on Apr 28, 2021

Create a way to match Cloud Analytics to Invoices

Cloud Analytics is a powerful tool for understanding how a customer is billed. However, sometimes (particularly when there are credits involved) the data in Cloud Analytics doesn't line up with the invoices. I've found myself attempting and failing to explain the difference on more than one occasion. I've now learned that credits are applied before discounts, and that knowledge allows me to reconcile the difference by downloading reports and performing some calculations. The problem that I think needs to be resolved here is that this reconciliation isn't straight forward or obvious. I'm required to 1) understand what's causing this difference, and 2) download the data and run additional calculations to accurately represent the billing. Some potential solutions could include wrapping the billing credits into Cloud Analytics in order to represent their influence (likely with some explanation that they're displayed with the discount applied), and ideally creating a preset report that accurately represents the invoices.
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