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Created on Apr 29, 2021

CMP Reports Usage Summary without SKU or Unit Breakout Produces Nonsense Totals

If you try to look at the total usage for a GCP service in Table format within CMP Reports, the total value produced is a nonsense value. For example, if you look at the total usage in Table format with a Service filter on BigQuery and a breakout by SKU, the totals per service-SKU combo make sense, but then if you remove the SKU breakout so that you're looking at the total usage value across all of BigQuery, because the various SKUs use different units the total value makes no sense and typically produces an enormous value. This combined total vs. SKU break out totals confused a customer, see this ticket: I'm not sure what math is underlying the service total but we should hide this value regardless since it is a useless multi-unit metric. On a related note, when users look at the breakout by SKU it might help to show units next to the numbers by default instead of requiring a separate Units label to be added. Feature Request: - Remove service usage total value as it doesn't carry meaning - Make it easier to understand/visualize the units for service SKUs
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  • Guest
    Apr 29, 2021
    automatically add Units to all reports with Usage metrics