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Created on Nov 9, 2021

time range for last week to date, last month to date with weekly window, etc.

Last Week to Date would overlay last week's data with this week's data for same weekly day comparisons. This would more or less work exactly like Last Month to Date except over named days Monday through Sunday. Last month to date could have 4-8 overlays covering last months weeks and this months weeks so far. Anyway, a weekly window with overlay of weeks would be nice to get near term changes in the data on a weekly basis vs comparing day 1 of last month to day 1 of this month, etc which misses this view.

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  • Guest
    Nov 14, 2021

    Just realized the issue with the Last Month to Date - it aligns the months from day 1 of each month. Since months are offset from each other's starting day(not date but mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun), overlapping the month graphs does not compare like-day to like-day of the month - i.e. the first may have been Monday for last month but the starting day for this month is Wednesday so month overlays are 2 days off from lining up with same day. For example, this does not make sense for eCommerce companies because the overlays will have weekend days of this month lined up with weekday days of last month and vice versa. Therefore I can't visualize increase and decreases for same day of each month. Not sure what insights can be gleaned when months are not lined up by day. So, week to date type graphs are needed.