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Created on Jun 2, 2021

Cost Reports - Add option on Minor Values Filter to show all non-zero values

In CMP > Analytics > For Cost Reports, the "Minor Values Filter" supports on/off.

Having an option to show all non-zero values will be helpful when customer does need/want to look at the cost even if minor, but doesn't want all the ZERO cost rows which inflates the report.

Current behaviour :

When OFF (Filtering minor values) - it hides minor non-zero values data rows as well.

When ON (Showing minor values) - It shows insane number of data rows, with most of them being ZERO (depending on the grouping of course, i was looking at per resource data transfer costs as per customer needs).

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  • Admin
    Eric Moakley
    Dec 7, 2021

    We have shipped Metric Filters which should provide this ability