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Visibility on credits usage (vs cash)

I subscribed to the DoiT Daily Digest for "All AWS Resources". 1) I would like to see in the reports what was billed with credits and what is cash. 2) I would like to get alerts when there's any bill with cash instead credits. Thanks, Shaked
7 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 2 Will not implement

Sandboxes : allow to put the project in a folder that is nested in another folder

They have the following organisation tree : Org A Folder B Folder C Request: They would like to create a sandbox project ( in the sanbox policy) inside the Folder C. Currently, he only sees the possibility to add the sandbox project directly under...
over 2 years ago in Core Platform 0 Will not implement

Ability to edit my support ticket messages

To avoid needing to send more comments to fix typos or misinformation, or update with new information I've found that could all just go in my original message
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / Support Portal 2 Will not implement

Let me add myself as CC to ongoing ticket

I stumbled upon an interesting support ticket and would like to get updates on how it is resolved. Is there a way to add myself to get email notifications from the conversation?
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / Support Portal 0 Will not implement

Issues with the FinOps analytics

We enabled BiqQuery FinOps settings: However, after a few days, we are still seeing that the data is being processed. Can you please check why it is taking so long, or comment if it's expected. If yes, please let me know how much time it is expect...
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / BigQuery Lens 0 Will not implement

ziv test

ziv test
almost 3 years ago in Cloud Analytics 0 Will not implement

BQ Finops periods explanations

currently the dashboard support 3 selections : 'last 7 days' (default), 'last 30 days', 'All', when there isn't enough the data, the dashboard will show whatever it have. this good on the one side, but on the other the customer can't know what is ...
almost 3 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 0 Will not implement

Support a larger AWS set of services sets for quota monitoring

The quota limits widget is very limited to the Trusted Advisor available quotas and it mislead many customers and turns them to be unsatisfied. For example, it doesn't cover S3 related limits. Feature Request: Either remove it or support a bigger...
almost 3 years ago in Governance / Quota Monitoring 0 Will not implement

Production availability monitoring

Few of our customers are using and alternatives to monitor and get alerted for both their marketing website's availability and sometimes also their other public API endpoints. Both prospects and current customers are asking me if we ha...
almost 3 years ago in Governance 0 Will not implement