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API integration for CMP reports

Customers must browse into the CMP reports for getting the data. We are not exposing any APIs and therefore customers cannot automate their processes Feature Request: Expose an API that will allow our customers to fetch data from CMP reports (pre...
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / API 0 Shipped

CMP access setup - Verify that a user has proper org-level GCP permissions

GCP users are often confused that having Owner role in their GCP org grants them full access to the org while it only grants access to org's projects and in fact Security Admin role is required to perform steps listed in the CMP setup guide [1]. ...
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Cloud Connect 0 Shipped

Request for a dashboard

Hi, I would like to ask to add a dashboard similar to the existing reOptimize dashboard: Overview by month, incl. current month forecast ability to filter on a specific project or cost allocation Daily trend by service- to help identify growth dri...
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Dashboards / Pulse 0 Shipped

Bug in ticket submission

Bug report: When trying to submit a ticket, after writing the description (part 3 of submission) if you go back and forth it will get to a blank page. Even when trying to resubmit a ticket it will ask if you wish to return to the unsubmitted data,...
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Support Portal 0 Shipped

Update Vendor FSR on new Billing Asset

How we can make Googlers happier and send more leads our way
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Assets 0 Shipped

It would be good if unsubscribe button worked

See linked file: I check unsubscribe checkbox, save preference, then reload page, everything is subscribed again.
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / GDPR 0 Shipped

Choix de la devise

Sur GCP nous étions facturé en euros. Nous analysions nos chiffres dans l'outil billing report en euros. Nous avons également choisi de régler nos factures DoIT en euros. Il serait donc naturel de continuer à analyser nos chiffres dans pulse en eu...
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Pulse 1 Shipped

Custom Dashboards

Customers will like to create dashboards dynamically per the roles in the company. at the moment our current dashboard is not answering all of his needs. Feature Request: Allow our customers to create a custom dashboard. For example, creating a ...
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Dashboards 1 Shipped

Show remaining commit and average spend per month (on each cloud provider commitment)

Some customers are getting a wake up call too late when they have left very little time to complete their committed amount. Feature Request: It would be nice if the contractual data entered into the CMP will be reflected in a separate 'commitment...
about 3 years ago in Core Platform 0 Shipped

Default CC

Would it be possible to add "default" emails to the "Additional CCs" field by default when raising tickets through the DoiT CMP?
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Support Portal 1 Shipped