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See Slot Consumption in BigQuery Lense by project

It would be beneficial to see the slot consumption of BigQuery under BigQuery Lense by projects, not just for the overall company.
13 days ago in Cloud Analytics / Dimensions 0

Add labeling/ identification for BigQuery Snapshots only for tracking it

Since Backups for BigQuery is not something supported by Google automatically, adding this snapshotting feature for specific tables would help track its cost increase and deciding on which table to stop or continuing the snapshotting for.
13 days ago in Core Platform / BigQuery Lens 0

Make it possible to query data other than USD

see the details of my company is billed in EUR I can query data in EUR in the console but not from the big query billing dataset thank you for taking this into consider...
27 days ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

We need support for Japanese Yen.

Hi as we have customers in Japan we would need a support for Japanese Yen for invoicing.
about 1 month ago in Core Platform / Payments 0

Create report for userwise usage of different services

Please create a report that will provide userwise usage of different services. For e.g. Report will provide cost of Dataflow jobs which are run by service account "".
3 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Streamlined Support Communication in Slack

Create a synchronized Slack channel dedicated to managing support requests and enhance user experience by introducing a chat option within the channel when opening a support ticket. This integration aims to improve efficiency and transparency, all...
3 months ago in Optimization 0

Bulk download of invoices

Please make it possible to download multiple invoices at once, preferrably by check-box selection.
3 months ago in Core Platform / Payments 0

Add descriptions to AWS IDs you create as part of tech technical onboarding.

Hi you have created at least 4 AWS IDs for FlexSave as part of technical onboarding. These IDs doesn't have any description and shows just as numbers in reporting. I need to add a Project Name to understand more about these IDs and that they belon...
3 months ago in Core Platform / Assets 0

restrict IP access

Hello I would suggest if this feature is not yet available as I could not find it on your platform that you allow customers to restrict which IP addresses they can log into the platform Thanks
4 months ago in Core Platform / Authentication 0

Use BQ Lens feature without Advanced company level permissions for DoIT

I am writing to propose an enhancement to the BQ Lens feature within the DoiT Console. This suggestion stems from our recent experiences and challenges while trying to integrate BQ Lens into our systems at Froomle. Current Challenge:The BQ Lens fe...
4 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0