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Send scheduled reports to Google group

As per ticket '#66153 | Send scheduled reports to Google group' I would like to suggest that you make it possible to send a scheduled report to users and groups that are not CMP members. We have many teams in our company that I would like send wee...
over 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Scheduling 1

Email a Dashboard as a report

I would like to share a Dashboard with multiple graphs, rather than just one graph from a Report.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Scheduling 0

Scheduled email notification: Image should be clickable.

Today, the email report has a button "Open Live Report." It is natural to click on the image, maybe thinking subconsciously that it is a live interactive tool. This click should send the user to the same URL as the button.
almost 3 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Scheduling 1 Investigating

Cloud Report Auto-Generation

Manual effort of logging into CMP and downloading a report. Feature Request: The request I've received from 2 customers so far is the ability to setup a report in Cloud Reports that auto-generates each month and is sent to a specified email.
about 3 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports / Scheduling 0