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Created on Feb 18, 2022

Provide links to upstream issues in the provider issue alerts details page

I've attached two screenshots: one of the list of known issues impacting GCP issues, and one of the "LEARN MORE" pages linked to by these list items.

This information is not as helpful as it could be because it doesn't include enough context. It only includes the most recent update on a given issue, which rarely identifies what the actual issue is, or the scope of who is affected (a region? system-wide?). Nothing on the details page offers a link to the original source where we might find the original issue. Not even the Alert number seems to map to anything available to a GCP customer.

As it stands, the incidents list and details page actually reduce my confidence in GCP because it lists out a bunch of problems that might impact me, but doesn't immediately answer the question of whether or not it impacts me, and so I have to go track down whether or not it actually does impact me...but in the time it takes me to go look up this information elsewhere, I now have it in my brain that GCP is having an incident that may impact me.

This feels like a UI bug that could easily be resolved by adding a link to the Incident details page within Google Cloud, or even a link to the GCP status dashboard, if these alerts are being dynamically generated from the XML status feed.

Thanks for your consideration.

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