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Created on Mar 20, 2023

Please add "neutral" to the satisfaction survey

Currently when you close a ticket you get a modal pop up that wants you to pick Good, or Bad. You can't close the modal without picking one.

Please can you just add a "neutral", "satisfactory" or "n/a"; there are plenty of times when it wasn't good, or bad. I opened a ticket today, and closed it myself as whilst waiting for response i sussed out what i needed to do, so closed the ticket, therefore we didn't interact with doit, therefore "n/a" is the most suitable.

There are other times where we primarily deal with google support, not doit on the case. In the past i've given feedback related to the whole case (which subsequently means i'm rating Google more than DoIT). I've been asked not to do that, and only review DoIT. If DoIT primarily served as a pass through; it wasn't good, or bad, it was just neutral.

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