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Created on Apr 29, 2021

Repeating queries frequency

The recommendation Suggests reducing repeating queries by 10-50%. I think that showing "change Repeating queries frequency" by percentage is not actionable and does not fit the real-world use cases. Why are there repeated queries? Business data is changing, and it needs to run frequently. Possible actionable recommendation - change the way you use bq by using Materialized view, or a cache outside bigquery (Super query). This made me believe that queries in this recommendation will always overlap with the savings presented by "use superquery". Someone set a scheduled query and forgot about that - possible action: remove the scheduling. You have a scheduled job that you might be able to change its frequency. - change it from x to hourly/daily/weekly etc. changes are not done by 10%/20%/30% etc.
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  • Guest
    Oct 23, 2021

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