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Created on Apr 28, 2021

Spot0 support in AWS spot block duration

Many customers are not using Spots because their workloads aren't built to support unexpected interruptions. Spot blocks provide up to 6 hours of uptime. It will allow our customers to run short stateful workloads, such as Jenkins tasks, automated tests, map-reduce, batch, ML training, Video transcoding, etc - on spots. For example, A customer is transcoding hundreds of videos every day, and the process takes hours with standard instances. He wants to accelerate the process, and his options are: Allocate larger instances > will increase the OPEX Develop support in Spots > this could be tricky and increase the R&D cost A possible solution with Spot0: Combine duration-defined spots with On-demand fallback to offer greater stability for short workloads that cannot tolerate interruptions.
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