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Created on Apr 29, 2021

Snooze alerts for anomaly detection

Sometimes our algorithm detects some behaviour that can be considered an anomaly for most users, but for this specific account/service the customer doesn't want to get alerts. example for possible reasons: This is a load test project this is a playground project The customer is starting a new workload that has no history For these cases it would be helpful if the customer will have an option to snooze alerts for project id + service there should be an API the will "blacklist" projects+services, with option to define a deadline for the snooze. We can create a button in the email that will say: "Snooze these kind of alerts" -> prompt a message : "Would you like to ignore BigQuery / [All services] for project X for 7/30 days/ forever?" This will shut down alerts for this service and project. Also, we can add a button from within the CMP to snooze alerts. Before an alert is put in CMP's DB, it will check if the project and service are in the blacklist
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