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Pillar Optimization
Categories FlexSave (AWS)
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 29, 2021

Suggest Flex RIs based on historic usage

If I have been using an on-demand instance for an average of e.g. 600+ hours per month for the last x+ months, there is a good chance that I could save by converting that instance to a Flex RI for the subsequent month but I may not always be aware of such opportunities. Feature Request: Have CMP suggest which instances I may want to convert to Flex RIs and how much I could save. I should be able to say "yes" and easily turn this into a Flex RI request, or say "no" and not have this suggestion keep popping up. I should probably be able to turn off this feature completely, too. This would be a great way to make customers aware of the benefit of Flex RIs and help make us look really proactive in suggesting opportunities for cost savings to the customer.
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