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Created on Apr 29, 2021

Alerts to cloud analytics

I hear more and more requests for proactive detailed notifications for CUDs, budgets, cost increase etc, and a dashboard to manage these alerts. Some of my customers said that it'll be helpful to integrate alerts with Slack & Whatsapp, as emails ignored sometimes. Feature Request: Consider adding alerts to cover the following scenarios: 1. Daily consumption increased by x% compared to the previous day (total, or per attribution) 2. CUD expiration alert 3. Under-utilized CUD reached my configured threshold 4. x% of my budget consumed 5. Fine-grained control for our cost anomalies: Be able to exclude projects/resources from the anomaly detection - for unstable workloads/dev projects And a dashboard that will present the open alerts, and will include the option to 'dismiss' or 'snooze' them.
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