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Created on Sep 7, 2023

Generic Webhook Integration

After a recent incident where DoIT's Billing Anomaly Alert would've helped us identify it earlier, we went about looking to see how we could have those alerts routed to us through OpsGenie and discovered that the only way to do so would be through the Zapier Integration provided in the DoIT Console. And that works, but it would be great to have the option for a generic webhook integration.

That's about flexibility more than anything else. But it's also because I'm not thrilled with having another SaaS that we need to be aware of our users using or keeping track of where we've given some level of OAuth permissions into our Org due to "Log In with Google". We also get hit by tiny billing cuts in a bunch of places that tend to creep up and want to avoid another one of those should we need to switch to a paid Zapier plan due to usage as alerts emitted from DoIT pass through them. I also worry about if we don’t get one of those alerts, we’ve got another component to investigate as to why and we don’t have any real experience with Zapier here at BV other than maybe folks who have used in a personal project at some point. Credit to Zapier for how user friendly they’ve made their product over the years though.

None of that is a complaint, but the sales pitch on why as a user of DoIT's services I would like more flexibility. Those billing anomaly alerts are really helpful and want to make sure we're able to integrate them into our observability and alerting stack in a sustainable way.

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  • Admin
    Mike Condy
    Sep 14, 2023

    No intention to implement in the near term. This will be reconsidered again in the future