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More complex boolean logic for Attribution

Our teams are using resources from multiple locations for their products. Allocating to them requires me to use more complex combinations of AND and OR, for example: Attribute to team X if: Tag captify:service is team-x and Name = Mesos OR tag cap...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Attributions 0

Use the same color on the graphs for each groupby

On our dashboard,we have several graph with group by environment For example on the screen shot preproduction is never the same color on graphs.Allowing to force color to get the same or having something detecting this case and dot it for us shoul...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Monitor stopped ec2 instances

At the moment CMP does not monitor the stopped vm's for cost analysis
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

See FlexSave by AWS Account

This would really help us understand how well FlexSave is working for us against different AWS accounts we have. Thanks.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Allow admin users to edit dashboards other users have created

We have dashboards that are used by multiple users and as an admin users I'm not able to update common dashboards that have been created by other users.
almost 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Display percentages in Stacked bar charts

Stacked Bar charts can currently display Actuals. It would be useful if they can display percentages also.
about 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

User feedback on cloning an Attribution

Currently, cloning an attribution provides no user feedback. A new attribution is created with the same parameters and the same name. Hitting the left button to go back to all attributions shows the name as "Untitled Attribution". It would be help...
about 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Attributions 0

Provide cost breakdown by endpoint

We break our customers across many endpoints. We also have some endpoints that are for testing only. Would love to monitor how much we've spent on each Service or Version on a given day.
about 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

Provide a checkbox to quickly view existing selected items for filtering

It would be handy to have a checkbox in the "Filter Scopes" popup dialog which allows for viewing existing selections easily. Currently, one has to scroll down to find selected items which can take a while for long lists. See attached screenshot.
over 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

New dimension for BigQuery datasets

Not sure if there is a way to do it already, but I would like to explore cost reports similar to what's available in the BigQuery lens tool, but with expanded result sets. To that end, I would like to be able to add a dimension for the BigQuery da...
over 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Dimensions 0