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Enable organization and Project filter across all widgets for GCP

widgets available inside CMP are quite useful for GCP and come handy in analysis purpose. However i do see widgets carry no basic filters i.e. Organization or Project. it will be great to have them both in all widgets. This related to a ticket rec...
11 months ago in Optimization / Rightsizing 4

Do not prompt “Grant read-only access” dialog while creating new GCP support cases

We are not allowed to grant any permission for DoIT employees to access our GCP projects. If we did, that will become a security incident for us and our customers. Can you remove the “Grant read-only access” prompt (
6 months ago in Core Platform 1

Show regex filter preview results

When using regex to select list items like project names or SKUs , it would make life a whole lot easier if we were able to get a preview of the results expected by the regex filtering. Especially in SKUs there are tons of fields, and a regex can ...
almost 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Restrict Known Issues Notifications to Relevant Data Only

Known Issues notifications can be very useful, but can also get overwhelming in the slack channels. Can we put restrictions that only produce the notifications when relevant to each customer? Some fields we could use to define relevance could incl...
almost 2 years ago in Governance / Known Issues 2

Change Potential Savings calculations

Recommendations overlap each other, so the final “potential savings” is not accurate because it is not achievable. for example, On our demo project, we are showing savings of 88%! ( 3170 / 3643) is it possible that current logic will show custom...
almost 2 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 4

Add a first-time dashboard/reports customization for users

As not all Cloud Analytics users can or want to create custom reports, adding a customization feature (per user) will be a great addition to the portal. This 'first-time' wizard will collect data from the user and build a dashboard & reports ...
almost 2 years ago in Core Platform / Dashboards 3

Add tooltip for checkbox (question mark icon)

Invoice Bucket One minor suggestion is that you can add a tooltip (question mark icon) besides the 'Auto-assign new Google Cloud projects to a bucket' checkbox that displays help information on the checkbox. Gary (
6 months ago in Core Platform 0

Display invoice bucket name and billing account information on the invoices

This is a feature request. Please help prioritize, thanks.We have two billing accounts, one for internal R&D projects and the other one for customer projects. Currently, we assign these billing accounts and their associated projects to differe...
6 months ago in Core Platform 2

Provide APIs to assign projects to invoice buckets

This is a feature request. Please help prioritize it, thanks.We need the ability to assign newly-created projects to the corresponding invoice buckets programmatically. Can you help to add an API to make that possible? - Gary (
6 months ago in Core Platform 0

Report and Dashboard filters

Is it possible to prompt the user for input on a report? For example, I'd like to create a report that has a filter on a project and shows the monthly spend by service and SKU, but when the user opens it they are prompted for the project they woul...
6 months ago in Cloud Analytics 0