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Confirm / close cost anomalies

It would be useful to mark cost anomalies as "confirmed" (maybe with some message) so other team members can see that actions have been taken already. Also "closing" a cost anomaly would be useful.
about 2 years ago in Governance / Cost Anomalies 0

Enable organization and Project filter across all widgets for GCP

widgets available inside CMP are quite useful for GCP and come handy in analysis purpose. However i do see widgets carry no basic filters i.e. Organization or Project. it will be great to have them both in all widgets. This related to a ticket rec...
over 1 year ago in Optimization / Rightsizing 4

Add option to require SAML/SSO authentication

At the moment, even if you enable authentication, users are still able to log in with other authentication options defined in the authentication settings page (which include: allow all, email and password, Google, Microsoft). Usually when enabling...
9 months ago in Core Platform / Authentication 0

Alert when commitments are due to expire

I only noticed, by chance, that we have some sizable commitments expiring in < 30 days. Would be good to be alerted to this.
9 months ago in Governance / Alerts 0

Show in-month forecasted spend

When looking at the current analytics for Flexsave, it would be great to actually see projected ending position for the current month, right now it seems to be either - total forecast (next month), and current spend only for the current month. Sec...
over 1 year ago in Optimization / FlexSave (Google Cloud) 1

Google Cloud Quotas widget -improvements

I`d like to see usage per account and per dedicated limit or quote.In general, I`d like to have possibility 1) control what accounts and quotes to add for visualization2) possibility to setup the alarm for dedicated threshold per account / quote w...
over 1 year ago in Core Platform 5 Investigating

CMP Analytics - Standalone

Enable customers to import billing data for an AWS account into CMP without the need to consolidate to DoiT billing/moving account to organization. *Some customers would like to leverage the functionalities / ML capabilities of CMP Analytics but d...
9 months ago in Cloud Analytics 0

'View' only permission on CMP Billing tab

Hi , I would like to ask for your help. Is it possible to create a read-only role for the WHOLE billing tab? I raise this request in regard to the DoiT portal itself. I mean to expose the user to the billing tab- with no edit permissions, only view.
10 months ago in Core Platform 0

Send scheduled reports to Google group

As per ticket '#66153 | Send scheduled reports to Google group' I would like to suggest that you make it possible to send a scheduled report to users and groups that are not CMP members. We have many teams in our company that I would like send wee...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Scheduling 1

Support for new instance types N1, N2 etc in CUD Optimizer

Currently the CUD optimizer counts only N1 cores. Also, the current CUD is fluctuating too much which is impossible (CUD is either for 12 or 36 months). Feature Request: Support for CUD recommendation per instance types N1, N2 etc. Also fix curre...
over 2 years ago in Optimization 0