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Allow signature in platform profile, or use name instead of username when posting or replying to issues

It's a minor thing, but when I first noticed that my responses to issues were just my first initial and last name, I updated my profile in the hopes that my name would be used instead of my username. The change had no effect, so I tried finding a ...
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Users & Roles 0

The 'essential contacts' part is never up to date

the image below is forever incorrect
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / API 0

Assign AWS account to specific OU during account creation in CMP

As a customer I would like to be able to assign AWS account to a specific Organizational Unit during creation process in Cloud Management Platform.
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / Assets 0 Investigating

Can you please a date to the job from the BigQuery Explorer?

When you click on your project in 'BigQuery Explorer', and click on a query, can you add the latest date or date that the job was run? I just see the job id.
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / BigQuery Lens 0 Investigating

Do not prompt “Grant read-only access” dialog while creating new GCP support cases

We are not allowed to grant any permission for DoIT employees to access our GCP projects. If we did, that will become a security incident for us and our customers. Can you remove the “Grant read-only access” prompt (
over 1 year ago in Core Platform 1

Add tooltip for checkbox (question mark icon)

Invoice Bucket One minor suggestion is that you can add a tooltip (question mark icon) besides the 'Auto-assign new Google Cloud projects to a bucket' checkbox that displays help information on the checkbox. Gary (
over 1 year ago in Core Platform 0

Display invoice bucket name and billing account information on the invoices

This is a feature request. Please help prioritize, thanks.We have two billing accounts, one for internal R&D projects and the other one for customer projects. Currently, we assign these billing accounts and their associated projects to differe...
over 1 year ago in Core Platform 2

Provide APIs to assign projects to invoice buckets

This is a feature request. Please help prioritize it, thanks.We need the ability to assign newly-created projects to the corresponding invoice buckets programmatically. Can you help to add an API to make that possible? - Gary (
over 1 year ago in Core Platform 0

Support quota notification in "Slack Notifications"

Slack notification supports only cost anomalies and cloud known issues. Please add quota notifications and maybe the other notification type CMP supports.
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Collaboration 0 Investigating

Reassign Dashboards and Reports

ZoomInfo has a bunch of dashboards that were created by a user Tal, no longer with ZoomInfo, there is no good way to see whom owns these dashboards in this situation. ZoomInfo would like to be able to change ownership of reports and dashboards to ...
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Dashboards 0