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Filing a ticket with CMP should make it easy to get to the ticket

Ideally, `request` should be a link to my request so I could quickly go to it...And maybe, I should be able to quickly get to the last couple things I filed.(Fwiw, the tickets page takes 7s to load, which is pretty painful.)
4 months ago in Core Platform 1

Allow signature in platform profile, or use name instead of username when posting or replying to issues

It's a minor thing, but when I first noticed that my responses to issues were just my first initial and last name, I updated my profile in the hopes that my name would be used instead of my username. The change had no effect, so I tried finding a ...
4 months ago in Core Platform / Users & Roles 0

Expose Google Cloud service specific resource consumption

Currently you can only monitor cost, however changes in cost can reflect changes in pricing, not the changes of consumption. Google Cloud pricing is related to resource usage: GB/TB stored, TB processed, Network GB used, Compute Instance time used...
5 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 1

allow gsuite groups in CMP

The customer has about 70-75 team members that are using sandbox, and it's a pain to maintain this list and grant permissions in the CMP UI, with no api or any other solution. Feature Request: Allow G Suite groups in the CMP users list
almost 2 years ago in Core Platform / Users & Roles 0

Aggregated Savings from RIs and Flex RIs

A customer using Flex-ri , in addition to his Savings Plan / Standard RI, has no single place to see: 1. Total AWS Cost (after reducing Flex-RI) 2. Total Savings (SP + RI + Flex-RI) There is the invoice on 10th of following month, but it's not us...
almost 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Drill down mechanism for cloud reports

The ability to click on a bar, line, etc. in a Cloud Report and drill down into that by another dimension (ex. SKU).
almost 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 1

Widget for GKE deprecation warnings

Google provides an API for getting deprecation warnings about upcoming changes to GKE: Would it be possible to provide a widget which bub...
9 months ago in Core Platform / Assets 0

Default share permissions for reports; multi-select reports modify

Hi, Possibility to change default share permission to report for teammates. which is now set to 'None' (for 'Anyone at'). I mean to do in such way, that when a report is created 'Anyone at' is set for example to `Viewer' Poss...
5 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

More complex boolean logic for Attribution

Our teams are using resources from multiple locations for their products. Allocating to them requires me to use more complex combinations of AND and OR, for example: Attribute to team X if: Tag captify:service is team-x and Name = Mesos OR tag cap...
5 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Attributions 0

The 'essential contacts' part is never up to date

the image below is forever incorrect
5 months ago in Core Platform / API 0