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Add 3rd party tools

It would be great if we could add 3rd party tools to cost monitoring (e.g. Datadog, Cloudflare, and many more ...). We need to watch costs of these, do break-downs per team, forecasts, alerting if the cost increases. Currently, we need another to...
about 3 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 1 Planned

Addition of startDate/endDate to Reports "query" API

The startDate/endDate parameters on the "Get Report Results" end point are useful alternatives to timeRange. Please can you add these to "Query".
9 days ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Forecast vs. Actual

Hi Currently there isn't an option to see how accurate the forecast has been Let's say that the forecast for tomorrow will be 4K for Service X... Tomorrow comes, but the forecast disappeared. Would be nice to see how accurate it was as we would li...
2 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Forecast 0

See Slot Consumption in BigQuery Lense by project

It would be beneficial to see the slot consumption of BigQuery under BigQuery Lense by projects, not just for the overall company.
3 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Dimensions 0

Make it possible to query data other than USD

see the details of my company is billed in EUR I can query data in EUR in the console but not from the big query billing dataset thank you for taking this into consider...
4 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Create report for userwise usage of different services

Please create a report that will provide userwise usage of different services. For e.g. Report will provide cost of Dataflow jobs which are run by service account "".
6 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Use BQ Lens feature without Advanced company level permissions for DoIT

I am writing to propose an enhancement to the BQ Lens feature within the DoiT Console. This suggestion stems from our recent experiences and challenges while trying to integrate BQ Lens into our systems at Froomle. Current Challenge:The BQ Lens fe...
7 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

Visibility on credits usage (vs cash)

I subscribed to the DoiT Daily Digest for "All AWS Resources". 1) I would like to see in the reports what was billed with credits and what is cash. 2) I would like to get alerts when there's any bill with cash instead credits. Thanks, Shaked
10 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 2 Will not implement

Improvements to Service Breakdown graph

Could you please move all Networking costs from "Compute Engine" into the "Networking" cube ? Thanks a lot !
12 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Budgets 0

Allow using Attribute Groups in reports

Today in Doit platform it is possible to create an Attribution group, based on several of attribution. It is not possible to user Attribution Groups in report as a Group By field.
about 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0 Already exists