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'View' only permission on CMP Billing tab

Hi , I would like to ask for your help. Is it possible to create a read-only role for the WHOLE billing tab? I raise this request in regard to the DoiT portal itself. I mean to expose the user to the billing tab- with no edit permissions, only view.
4 months ago in Core Platform 0

Email a Dashboard as a report

I would like to share a Dashboard with multiple graphs, rather than just one graph from a Report.
4 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Scheduling 0

Provide BigQuery Slots Recommendations

Missing recommendation for BigQuery fixed price slots buying and flex slots. Feature Request: Showing recommendation for that can save us a lot of hassle and create big selling/marketing advantage
almost 2 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 1

Calculated Metrics

Create synthetic, calculated metrics by performing basic computations on cost allocations. (Cost Allocation A)/(Cost Allocation B)+(Cost Allocation C)
almost 2 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

Recommendations and alerts widget (actionable widget)

Consider adding a preset widget/command center in the main CMP screen with actionable recommendations and alerts, defined by rules (cost, optimization, operation, monitoring, etc.) and driven by data that we already collect or predict, to allow ou...
almost 2 years ago in Optimization 3

Login: integration with OKTA for SSO

I want to know if the platform can work with external IDP (Okta) with SSO instead of creating users inside the DoiT
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Authentication 0

Google workspace- allowing auto-decrease

[Assets : Google workspace- allowing auto-decrease] Currently in the assets, it is only possible to configure auto-increase. We'd like to have auto-decrease as well: . could it be possible? Thanks ! ZD 59793
over 1 year ago in Core Platform 2 Investigating

Back button should take 'Admins' back to users list

When customer start with the :gear: icon and go to his profile or any other user, clicking the back button takes him back to the list of users, which does not happen when he start with his avatar on the upper right panel of CMP. I believe this is ...
4 months ago in Core Platform 0

Make reports more readable and less cluttered

Please see or go/ticket/95516 for detailed description and images related to the customer notes below: The graphs are really hard to understand and introduce pricing models that don't really make se...
4 months ago in Cloud Analytics 0

Add platform/category to easily identify tickets in CMP

I can't figure out what category existing tickets are in. In other systems, I would often load a previous ticket in order to determine which category/classification was used and thus reuse that for a new ticket. I tried loading: https://app.doit.c...
4 months ago in Core Platform 0