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I am looking at "Cloud infrastructure availability" and I am seeing some outages for today but they are in the future! My time is 3:30pm (ET) but it is showing 18:00, but hovering over a bar shows 4:36PM, so I am unsure what time you are really sh...
4 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

Offer a new page regrouping all notifications: by email, by slack

Reports sent by email are visibles from the report itself, it's not convenient to get an overview of all reports sent by email.
5 months ago in Governance / Alerts 0

Each web page in should have a relevant title instead of of `DoiT Console`

Each web page in has a title of `DoiT Console`. This is incredibly unhelpful. Each ticket's title should be included in the page title, the title for search results should be at least that it's a search for tickets, and p...
5 months ago in Core Platform / Support Portal 0

Other Services Improvements to Service Breakdown graph

Could you please add the inner SKU's of the "Other Services" cube into it ? SPlit from ANL-I-226
6 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Budgets 0 Planned

Generic Webhook Integration

After a recent incident where DoIT's Billing Anomaly Alert would've helped us identify it earlier, we went about looking to see how we could have those alerts routed to us through OpsGenie and discovered that the only way to do so would be through...
6 months ago in Governance / Alerts 1

Provide ability to capture Case Codes/WBS for each Invoicing Bucket

Invoicing buckets allows to group projects that needs to be invoiced in a single invoice however, it does not have ability to capture any additional information related to the invoice e.g. Case Code, Contact person - if it is different for each bu...
7 months ago in Core Platform / Payments / Usability 2 Planned

Visibility on credits usage (vs cash)

I subscribed to the DoiT Daily Digest for "All AWS Resources". 1) I would like to see in the reports what was billed with credits and what is cash. 2) I would like to get alerts when there's any bill with cash instead credits. Thanks, Shaked
7 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 2 Will not implement

Flexsave to cover RDS and Fargate

Our main benefit from flexsave would be if it covered RDS and Fargate, not just EC2. These areas are covered in aws by savings plans and reserved instances, so I assume it is possible for you. I hope I'm not the only one! Best of luck, Hugh
8 months ago in Optimization / FlexSave (AWS) 1 Planned

Improvements to Service Breakdown graph

Could you please move all Networking costs from "Compute Engine" into the "Networking" cube ? Thanks a lot !
9 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Budgets 0

Allow using Attribute Groups in reports

Today in Doit platform it is possible to create an Attribution group, based on several of attribution. It is not possible to user Attribution Groups in report as a Group By field.
11 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0 Already exists