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Show separate line items on the AWS invoice for marketplace expenses

When paying the invoice it will be super helpful for our accounting team to be able to easily itemize the expense areas on the invoice.
2 months ago in Core Platform / Payments 0

appexchange safety

ComplianceQuest announces Workplace Safety for, an App on Salesforce AppExchange, Extending the Power of REFER - appexchange safety
2 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Trends 0

top quality management systems

Quality Management System or QMS software evaluates the set of policies, processes, and procedures of a company for complex product development in various highly regulated industries. REFER - top quality management systems
2 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Trends 1

cfr part 11

An FDA compliance guideline, 21 CFR part 11 specifies the standards for evaluating the trustworthiness of electronic documents and electronic signatures.
2 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Trends 0

Decrease licences in google workspace

We currently are increasing licences in google workspace with the auto increase feature. We would also like the same feature with auto decrease licences when we remove users from the workspace. This is to ensure that the automation of the workspac...
7 months ago in Core Platform / Assets 1

Terraform Provider with the CMP

[Feature Request] Terraform Provider with the CMP: With Attributions and Budgets in the Cloud Management Platform. It would be great to have a Terraform Provider so that we can create resources in the camp with Terraform.
8 months ago in Core Platform 2

Add option to require SAML/SSO authentication

At the moment, even if you enable authentication, users are still able to log in with other authentication options defined in the authentication settings page (which include: allow all, email and password, Google, Microsoft). Usually when enabling...
3 months ago in Core Platform / Authentication 0

Sending visa invoices after payment

We have both billing accounts with bank transactions, and visa payments. And the invoice pdf is sent to automatic ingestion in our accounting systems. For the bank transactions, this works well, as the accounting team can add the payment almost au...
3 months ago in Core Platform / Payments 0

Alert when commitments are due to expire

I only noticed, by chance, that we have some sizable commitments expiring in < 30 days. Would be good to be alerted to this.
3 months ago in Governance / Alerts 0

CMP Analytics - Standalone

Enable customers to import billing data for an AWS account into CMP without the need to consolidate to DoiT billing/moving account to organization. *Some customers would like to leverage the functionalities / ML capabilities of CMP Analytics but d...
3 months ago in Cloud Analytics 0