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Provide ability to capture Case Codes/WBS for each Invoicing Bucket

Invoicing buckets allows to group projects that needs to be invoiced in a single invoice however, it does not have ability to capture any additional information related to the invoice e.g. Case Code, Contact person - if it is different for each bu...
8 months ago in Core Platform / Payments / Usability 2 Planned

Flexsave to cover RDS and Fargate

Our main benefit from flexsave would be if it covered RDS and Fargate, not just EC2. These areas are covered in aws by savings plans and reserved instances, so I assume it is possible for you. I hope I'm not the only one! Best of luck, Hugh
9 months ago in Optimization / FlexSave (AWS) 1 Planned

Breakdown K8s by workloads

Currently we can breakdown K8s costs by nodes, bandwidth, etc, but there is no way to breakdown the costs by the actual workloads running. It would be great to breakdown the costs by service, namespace, team or any other labels applied to K8s work...
about 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 1 Planned

Add 3rd party tools

It would be great if we could add 3rd party tools to cost monitoring (e.g. Datadog, Cloudflare, and many more ...). We need to watch costs of these, do break-downs per team, forecasts, alerting if the cost increases. Currently, we need another to...
almost 3 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 1 Planned

move exports option for reporting to a right panel

it ’d be much more intuitive if “sheets export” and CSV export” options in Cloud analytics would be moved to the right panel.
almost 3 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0 Planned

Cloud Analytics Reports not to be safed automatically

Right now within the Cloud Analytics section under reports whenever you open a report, go to edit mode and change a value, parameter etc. the report is safed automatically even if this change should not be permanent. E.g. I have a report defined i...
almost 3 years ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0 Planned

Other Services Improvements to Service Breakdown graph

Could you please add the inner SKU's of the "Other Services" cube into it ? SPlit from ANL-I-226
7 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Budgets 0 Planned