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Google workspace- allowing auto-decrease

[Assets : Google workspace- allowing auto-decrease] Currently in the assets, it is only possible to configure auto-increase. We'd like to have auto-decrease as well: . could it be possible? Thanks ! ZD 59793
over 2 years ago in Core Platform 2 Investigating

Google Cloud Quotas widget -improvements

I`d like to see usage per account and per dedicated limit or quote.In general, I`d like to have possibility 1) control what accounts and quotes to add for visualization2) possibility to setup the alarm for dedicated threshold per account / quote w...
about 2 years ago in Core Platform 5 Investigating

Being able to pick a custom date range and not only the last 30 days

Hi, we currently use DataStudio to report on our BigQuery costs using custom timeranges. We would like to have the same on the Bigquery Finops Dashboard, as currently on Bigquery FInops Dashboard the timerange is fixed on the last 30 days. Thanks
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / BigQuery Lens 0 Investigating

Assign AWS account to specific OU during account creation in CMP

As a customer I would like to be able to assign AWS account to a specific Organizational Unit during creation process in Cloud Management Platform.
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Assets 0 Investigating

Can you please a date to the job from the BigQuery Explorer?

When you click on your project in 'BigQuery Explorer', and click on a query, can you add the latest date or date that the job was run? I just see the job id.
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / BigQuery Lens 0 Investigating

Support quota notification in "Slack Notifications"

Slack notification supports only cost anomalies and cloud known issues. Please add quota notifications and maybe the other notification type CMP supports.
about 3 years ago in Core Platform / Collaboration 0 Investigating

When I press 'back' remember how many rows I am showing in a grid

When I click on a user, then go back, it loses my place in the table and how many rows I have. Very frustrating.
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / Usability 0 Investigating

Allowing linking the service account to standalone projects (projects not linked to an organization)

The CMP does not support for now linking the service account standalone projects, that do not belong to an organisation. It has to do with the fact that we create job sinks at the organisation level. Idea: 1) allow the customer to select whether o...
over 2 years ago in Core Platform / Assets 0 Investigating

[BigQuery Finops] : BigQuery Explorer allow a csv export

-export the "bigquery explorer" to a csv,
over 2 years ago in Core Platform 1 Investigating

Show Profile Images in the Ticket System

In the ticket system, our profile images are not shown. Only DoIT employees have profile icons in the stream.
almost 3 years ago in Core Platform / Support Portal 0 Investigating