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GCP Lens show confusing CUD Coverage

Thanks, Andrew. I see your meaning, but the graphs of GCP Lens are misleading. For example, if CUD is 10 and only being used 5, then GCP Lens will show 200% here, instead of 50% which is commonly understood. Hope my feedback could lead to some use...
almost 2 years ago in Optimization / Lenses 0

Aggregate query statistics for identical queries on sharded tables in BQ FinOps

Today in the BigQuery FinOps Dashboard, identical queries are counted as distinct if they query a sharded/partitioned table but with a different date suffix. This provides an incorrect picture as far as most frequently queried queries, potentially...
about 3 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 0

Provide BigQuery Slots Recommendations

Missing recommendation for BigQuery fixed price slots buying and flex slots. Feature Request: Showing recommendation for that can save us a lot of hassle and create big selling/marketing advantage
about 3 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 1

Lambda cost optimization report for CMP

I noticed that Lambda users often allocate more resources then actually needed, which increases the cost. Although CHT provides basic data for Lambda functions, it doesn't offer meaningful alerts or recommendations. Feature Request: If we can get...
about 3 years ago in Optimization / Lenses 0

Slots Recommender

On BigQuery's roadmap / in beta is a recommendation of optimal # of slots given your team's usage. But it doesn't address an issue of reducing # of slots overall — essentially "flattening" slots usage and spreading it throughout the day. Feature ...
about 3 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 0

Toggle on and off / Exclude Reservations data in BigQuery FinOps

Some customers use a mix of reservations and on-demand usage for BigQuery. As of right now, the dashboard isn't as useful for companies with reservations. Lots of noise. In the future case when we support reservations, a customer still may want...
about 3 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 0

Give more detailed clustering recommendations in BigQuery FinOps

Our Cluster Fields recommendation category tells the user which field(s) they can cluster a table with. In some cases, there may be more than four possible fields (the limit BigQuery sets) suggested by us. The user has no idea which four fields w...
about 3 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 1

Interim (Skeleton) BigQuery FinOps

Upon uploading their service account to CMP, some customers have gotten confused by the fact that they aren't immediately able to attach the BigQuery FinOps Dashboard. We explain why in the help center article, but they may miss the disclaimer in...
about 3 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 0

BQ Scans by Table Type Improvements

BQ finops -> BQ Scans by Table Type (evaluate your scans efficiency) -> the values in the graph are from different part of the data definition - one value is on the very higher level ‘view’ (this is not a table type) -> can use partition ...
about 3 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 2

BQ Finops periods explanations

currently the dashboard support 3 selections : 'last 7 days' (default), 'last 30 days', 'All', when there isn't enough the data, the dashboard will show whatever it have. this good on the one side, but on the other the customer can't know what is ...
about 3 years ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 0 Will not implement